As experienced athletes and coaches ourselves, we analysed all the variables that influence your performance and created the most comprehensive online solution possible to optimise your results.

From personalised training programmes tailor-made to YOUR individual goals and physiology, to expert advice on nutrition and race preparation, or exclusive discounts for leading sports brands, we’re always on the lookout for ways to give you that extra edge.

All our products and services are grounded in proven scientific principles and data analyses and are specifically selected to help you BE YOUR BEST!


Steve Saunders

As a regular commentator at major events including 947 Cycle Challenge, 702 Walk-the-talk and JUMA, Steve Saunders is a familiar face (and voice!) in the South African sports industry.

With a BPhysEd degree and professional cycling background, Steve strives to deliver best-in-class products and services and has a long history in the supply of technical equipment for sports performance monitoring and training.

“Modern fitness devices and equipment take the guess work out of training,” says Steve.

“They give you and your coach the data on TrainingPeaks to see whether you have overdone, underdone or achieved the objective of the day and facilitate an intervention,” he explained.

His area of speciality is the use of fitness equipment as an intervention strategy within a periodised programme, typically simplifying complex feedback mechanisms to help understand their usage in real life scenarios. Being able to understand technical data (HR, Power, Cadence, and 34 other parameters from the Wattbike) means he is able to assist the coach or athlete in the making the most efficient use of the equipment in the simplest and most practical way possible.

“By monitoring actual performance data such as heart rate, effort, sleep cycles and even recovery, combined with the sophisticated algorithms of our TrainingPeaks programme, we are able to adapt your training based on actual scientific data instead of only subjective feedback.”

Bosseau Boshoff

Nicknamed “The Boss” for his meticulous, no-nonsense approach to training and race preparation, Guillame Henri Bosseau Boshoff  – Bosseau (pronounced Boss-O) for short – is one of our top high performance coaches and international team managers.

Highly qualified as both a local (Cycling SA Level 1, Club & Skill Level) and international (UCI Level 2) cycling coach, Bosseau prides himself in nurturing young talent. He coaches various well-known mountain biking and road cycling champions including Yolandi du Toit, Amy-Beth McDougal, Robyn de Groot, Waylon Woolcock, Sam Saunders and Timo Cooper and boasts several prestigious Road and Track titles himself.

Bosseau brings extensive experience in coaching and managing over 70 national team riders at various prestigious international events with an A-grade International Team Manager’s Licence.

Under his mentorship, riders have qualified and participated at World Championships, World Cup Events and Commonwealth Games, Continental Champs and Le Tour de Abitibi Canada.

He also co-ordinates the race appearances of professional Pro Tour and Pro Continental cyclists including Daryl Impey (Mitchelton Scott), Louis Meintjies (Dimension Data), Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio (Cervelo Bigla) and multiple world champion Marianne Vos (Waow Deals Pro Cycling) at South African national championships or big events such as Cape Cycle Tour or 947 Cycle Challenge.


Neil is a driven and highly motivated Sports Scientist constantly pushing for progress and improvement.

Passionate about physical and personal development, he is primed to help athletes transform their performance using the latest training techniques and equipment including the Bio-Racer Motion System.

With a BA in Sports Psychology and Higher Certificate in Exercise Science, coupled with his success as a Personal Trainer, Neil not only strives for excellence from his clients, but demands it from himself.

He is currently completing his Honours in Sports Science, and firmly believes in continued education and development to further his knowledge and experience in the dynamic and exciting field of Sports Science.


Virgilia is PTS’s highly skilled “Formula One engineer” trained to identify athletes’ biomechanical strengths and weaknesses and fine tune them for peak performance.
With a BA Sports Psychology and honours in Biokinetics, Virgilia is primed and passionate about helping athletes reach their full potential by improving their mobility, flexibility and strength through customised exercise programmes. Her experience in working with elite athletes including the Sharks Rugby Team, Dolphins Cricket Team and other professionals at Prime Human Performance Institute in Durban gives Virgilia a unique insight into the demands of high performance training and rehabilitation from injury.