Looking for the fastest, most effective route to achieve your fitness goals? GET A COACH.

It’s no secret that the best athletes and professionals ALL have a coach to help them reach their potential in the shortest possible time.

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a coach

  1. Bang for your Buck – investing in a coach will maximise your returns by focusing your fitness efficiently and effectively.  Don’t waste time on junk miles or guesswork, every workout will have a specific objective designed to get you closer to your goals
  • No Cut and Paste – your time spent training will be designed to fit the demands of YOUR life to give you the best chance of success in the time you have available.  No cut & paste, your coach will design your training plan around YOUR schedule and then consistently monitor and adapt it according to your performance, recovery and commitments outside of training
  • Experience ­– a qualified coach will know a whole lot more about training and racing than you do. In addition to the theoretical Know-How of training periodisation, rest and recovery, many coaches are experienced athletes themselves who can offer first-hand advice on the Do’s & Don’ts of race prep and performance.  Their insights and experience with other athletes they coach provides a short-cut to inside info you that would take you years to learn yourself
  • Accountability – we’re all guilty of hitting snooze and skipping workouts, but sometimes having a coach to report back to will keep you honest in your training. Your coach will motivate you to half the excuses and double the efforts by holding you accountable for executing the plan. They will make sense of the numbers and provide feedback on your progress towards your goals, give you a realistic “Snapshot” of where you are and what you can expect given the training you have done and your current form
  • Networking – having a reputable coach gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow athletes and experts. Don’t be afraid to ask who else they are training and capitalise on opportunities to meet those athletes and pick their brains! Ask for references before you start – word-of-mouth referrals are the best endorsements so check out Who Trains Who and start from there. 

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