Orientation Session

Congratulations. You now own the most advance cycling indoor training power tool in the world BUT are you using it to its full capability and are you set-up correctly? With hundreds of different features and functions it’s not impossible to miss out on some.

Smart, targeted, effective training will give you the edge, but this requires you to know and understand all the features of the bike and use them correctly for time efficient and training effective workouts.

Knowing how to maximise the use of your Wattbike together with a structured training program you are guaranteed to get fitter, stronger, faster. Our qualified Wattbike Master Trainers are here to help. We are offering a hands-on orientation session to ensure you are set up correctly and get full use of the bike. We will also show you how a structured training program can exponentially increase your strength, power and speed.

Orientation includes:

  • Bike fit & setup
  • Console features & user guidelines
  • Testing: FTP MMP HR Max Power
  • Sample of structured trainingHow to train with power – power & heart rate zones
  • Assessment of Fitness levels & goal setting
  • How to read the polar view: pedal stroke & angle force detail
  • App setup 3rd Party app connections i.e. Zwift – Training device (i.e. Garmin device with Garmin Connect) pairing, syncing & testing
  • Sample of structured training – speed skill, strength, power, anaerobic; force muscle & aerobic endurance
  • 4 client-initiated touch points telephonic or email.

Cost: R1,500.00 ± 1.5 – 2hrs

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