Training Methodology

Using a Periodised Training Methodology together with the Compensation Theory, programmes are built in blocked phases to clients’ specific and focussed needs. We call this Stepped Preparation.

Training plans begin with a period of capacity building– ensuring that all the energy systems are optimal, that the stress levels are low and that the body is ready for the stressors of a high intensity block. This incorporates a steady layering of low-intensity, high-cadence pedalling to achieve a strong neuromuscular response, coupled with a high level of aerobic efficiency. Irrespective of your present fitness level, this preparation phase cannot be ignored or avoided.

Once adequate neuromuscular efficiency is achieved, we move to a strength phase which conditions the body to the high muscular loads that fast accelerations require.

After the strength conditioning we step up to a power phase-combining speed and strength in a progression of all-out loading routines that prepare us for full-power applications at cadences varying from super-slow to flat-out. Explosive capability is the name of the game.

The next sequential phase is muscular-endurance based. This conditions the athlete to increasing and varying effort loads coupled with decreasing recovery time-proper interval training and possibly some of the hardest training you will ever encounter, but still with a fair amount of predictability

And if this wasn’t bad enough, the next phase of speed-endurance makes up for any short comings as we take you through a similar conditioning, but with speed being replaced by power and the purpose being to replicate race conditions. Specificity is the name of the game. The event you will do you would have experienced in the worst ways and overcome them through this phase.

The last phase is race preparationas we focus on the mental and tactical requirements you require for a successful racing campaign.

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