Train Smarter NOT Harder!

You want maximum bang for your buck in terms of time spent training.

PTS will assign you a coach to provide expert guidance and advice based on your online assessment and real-time performance metrics.

Your coach will develop a tailored made plan suited to YOUR individual needs and goals to help you reach YOUR potential.

Your Membership includes access to the sophisticated TrainingPeaks software that provides a convenient training calendar with YOUR prescribed workouts for quick and easy reference.

What’s more, your coach can monitor and adapt your “prescription” based on the data uploaded from your fitness device. He or she will make sense of the data, and track your progress towards your goal and adapt your program accordingly.

Take the guesswork out of your training and make informed decisions!

Your coach can advise you on race nutrition and supplements or equipment upgrades (available from the PTS Online Store at exclusive discounts) and may even recommend additional tests to go for such as Body Composition Scans and or DNA Analysis (available on certain packages) to get you into tip-top condition.

Your PTS coach has access to a network of professionals including sports nutritionists or psychologists, and PTS puts these professionals at your disposal through our Gold or Platinum packages.

The Health Concierge Service (available on the Platinum Package) will even make your appointment for you!